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Isolation Transformer

Owing to inductive loads, capacitive loads, SMPS loads, electronic ballasts and PWM Switching systems, the present AC Power lines are superimposed with spikes, surges, galvanic leakages, transients, sags, RFI noise and harmonics. As a result, operating instruments particularly precision ones do not perform efficiently and distort the quality of end products and in cases may damage the instrument itself.

With Sen & Pandit Electronics Private Limited Isolation Transformer, all sorts of electrical noises, particularly common mode noises, spikes, surges, and transients can be eliminated. It delivers output voltage at 1:1 ratio after considerable elimination of these unwanted other factors in the mains line.


  • Computer and Peripherals
  • Telecommunication Equipments
  • Medical Equipments
  • Process control equipments
  • Scientific Equipments
  • Large computer installations and it's peripherals.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage

230 V

Output Voltage

230 V




50±3 Hz

Load Regulation

3.5% and 5 %

Dielectric Strength

2 KV for 2 minutes

Common Mode Noise Rejection

Over 120 db

Coupling Capacitance

Less than .005 PF


0.5 KVA to 10 KVA